“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not.”


Brand Story

I attended 16 different schools throughout my k-12 education. My family relocated from one apartment – to another – t0 another. We moved so much that ; adaptability became my 6th sense. 

Adapting over and over again was mentally exhausting – and I’ve made it my mission to help more families find stability. The work we do at The Digital Monarch builds trusting relationships between our clients and their home buyers. The work we do at The Digital Monarch ensures that the our clients can reach their monthly goals – and by doing so, we indirectly help families avoid a childhood like my own. 

Our brands purpose is to help YOU help THEM, and we’re ready to take on the challenge!

– Judith Ortega, CEO & Creative Director


Judith Ortega (Mata)


Knowledge is my super power.

I’m a big advocate for “knowledge is power” because I grew up in a low income household, and I knew that knowledge, skills, abilities, and a good education where all things that couldn’t be taken from me. 

I began taking marketing, branding, photography, and copywriting classes in college – and I began working with my first paid clients in 2017.  

It’s been 6 years since I discovered a way to profit from my everlasting creativity and I’ve learned how to solve many puzzles that are’t in boxes – web design & brand strategy. 

Throughout this journey I’ve gained an understanding  of greatness – it doesn’t happen just because you want it! 

Greatness occurs when you set SMART goals. It comes about when you carry through with your curated brand strategy. Greatness is a result of owning a website that does the work for you, Greatness materializes when doing what you love pays the bills. 


Melanie Pacheco


I love resolving complicated concepts through innovative design.

I developed a passion for design in 2015. I hadn’t developed a love for art or painting quite until then, but I loved having the ability to communicate emotion and knowledge through images. Therefore, my goal is not only to design, but to be an efficient and assertive communicator. I value loving and dedicating time to my artwork and this in turn ensures that our clients expectations are met.

I see myself developing many new brands, telling a plethora of stories, and growing professionally within the next 5 years. As the world of design and visual arts become increasingly popular, I enjoy exploring the art of copywriting and communicating compellingly with target audiences. Writing expresses feelings, desires and ideas.

There are several paths to explore, but I am most passionate about setting myself up for new challenges and always investing in my growth and development as a creative.