Case Study: Naturally Lush Bath & Body
Goal: Making a natural self-care company a memorable one.

Naturally Lush Bath & Body began when one of the two founders struggled with fertility issues. She didn’t know what was wrong, so she began digging until she found the toxic truth behind the ingredients in candles and soaps. She and her sister took a soap making class and soon fell in love with the art. They replaced everyday products around the house with their natural counterparts. Fast forward to today – The two sisters/business partners run a successful bath & body product pop up & web-shop in Dallas Texas.

Previous Logo

They came to us because their business was outgrowing their previous un-trade-markable logo. Their previous logo didn’t help them stand out much at all – and people often assumed they where related to Bath & Body Works as their original logo didn’t emphasize the “Naturally Lush” portion of their name. Naturally Lush is who they are and what they want to be recognized for ; So, we did something about it.

Together, we identified their buyer persona, identified colors that matched their tone, and reviewed a series of typographies until we found the one that spoke for them.

The rebrand not only helped them attract more customers, it made their company memorable. The company retained more customers, attracted new ones, and helped increase their following across all of their pop up markets and social media accounts. This led to an increase of website visits and overall sales in comparison to the previous year.

Branding is crucial for any business large-or-small. No matter what you sell, you want to stand out, be identifiable, and be memorable. 

Mayra & Yure want their audience to think of Naturally Lush Bath & Body when they think of natural self-care products.

Rebrand for better