Case Study: The Legacy Team
Goal: Positioning a mortgage team to inspire and educate a new generation of homeowners.

The Legacy team is led by two mortgage loan originators with 30 years of combined  experience. The team was previously known as Team Amazing Grace, named after the Branch manager Gracie Perez.

Gracie Perez

Gracie is a team oriented leader who strives to encourage her team to achieve greatness.

She decided to change her businesses name in efforts of highlighting the entire teams work, and not just her own through name recognition.

The rebrands goal was to highlight the entire teams work, and not just her own.

Find more information about Gracie Perez, one of the Legacy teams Branch Managers at https://www.gracieperez.com

We recently re-launched her website and built a mortgage calculator to help you answer the question “How much home can I afford?”

The Company's Rebrand

The Digital Monarch launched the company’s rebrand, created daily content for their social media accounts, provided photography services, copywriting services, designed their website, and much more. Was successful for this team who wished to leave their legacy through home ownership opportunities.

The teams' value in educating underserved communities by bringing awareness through free first time home ownership workshops, defining & simplifying industry lingo, and guiding their clients through the process every step of the way.

With this new brand, they hoped to change the norm within the industry – RELATIONSHIPS OVER TRANSACTIONS.